This is the town of Silus, population 2,371. It’s south of Cirencester about 8 days walk. It is a town of wood and stone, whitewashed in the style of the Empire. The town wall is defended by a meager town guard, consisting of Imperial guards and hired mercenaries. Silus is famous for its large natural spring, which has practically been a holy site since it was first discovered. With the Empire’s receding, Silus has found itself without same amount of pilgrims as it once had, when Imperials would travel for months to visit the springs.

A mid-sized town, which has been shrinking in size, known for its natural spring.

Government: Theocracy led by the head cleric of Goibhniu. When the Empire left the town, the already powerful Servius Fuscus stepped up to lead the people who remained.

Population: Most of the population is humans, but there are number of elven families, half-elves, halflings, and a growing number of half-orc mercenaries. The total population is around 2,371.

Languages Spoken: Common is main language of the town but many different humanoid languages can be heard throughout the town.

Local Religions:
Many different gods are worshipped in this holy town and small shrines to any number of different gods and goddess from around the Empire can be found within the town walls.
The largest and only temple in town is dedicated to Goibhniu and built directly on the springs. The rest of the town, in fact, grew up around the spring and temple.

Noteable NPCs:
Servius Fuscus is the most powerful cleric in town and has become the leader of the town with recession of the Empire. He is a priest of Goibhniu.

Flavius Crispian is the head of the town guard and is the second most powerful cleric in town and works closely with Servius Fuscus as his right-hand man. He is also a priest of Goibhniu.

Iggy Beroldus is one of the most wealthy town members and is known as shrewd wool trader with contacts throughout the Empire.

Flails & Jerkins: The local weapon-monger, Cottinbr, has been running Flails & Jerkins since his father died when he was around 16. At first he hated the work but now he finds it very satisfying. He doesn’t create the weapons but instead has developed contacts to buying and selling of weapons.

The Blinking Blacksmiths: Arral’s business has only steadily declined but that doesn’t stop him for practicing his craft.

Short Anvil Dry Goods: Enam moved to Silus and bought Short Anvil Dry Goods right before the Empire left. At the time it was a solid investment with all the pilgrims, but now she has started to think that it might be time to move along.

The Toad’s Cellar is run by a fair female halfling named Malvy. She is a retired alchemist and keeps a collection of potions and elixirs. The inn is a two-story timber and brick building, with vaulted ceilings. Accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses.

The Topaz Axe is known for its common room used mainly for gambling and fights. It does offer small rooms which mainly consist of straw mats. The owner, a male elf named Cunda, runs the place. It is rumored that he either has connections to or is the head of the local crime ring.

The Minstrel and Tankard is the only tavern left in the town, as its size has shrunk. Owned by an old female human named Indimil.

With the Empire leaving, Silus has taken on a reputation of town of hucksters. People continue to pilgrimage to the holy site, but numerous people have started to set up small shops and carts hawking various religious wares, many of which are fake, stolen, or extremely overpriced.

NPCs for Hire:
Gili is a short and heavyset dwarf, with copper hair and gray eyes. She wears banded mail and wields a great hammer. She often talks about some curse she is trying to break.

Comma has uneven red hair and hazel eyes, and wears glasses with brass rims. He wears splint mail and wields a mace. He is a coarse and unforgiving elf.

Elyn has thick auburn hair and large brown eyes, and small ears. She wears chain mail and wields a warhammer and shield. Elyn has an animal companion, a gray wolf named Gundo.

Rarder is rugged in appearance, with red hair and bright brown eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a long sword and dagger. He seeks adventure and glory.

Jane is wretched in appearance, with brown hair and hazel eyes. She wears chain mail and wields a quarterstaff. She claims to be on a pilgrimage but is unclear if Silus is her final destination.

Resources: Animals (wool & diary); Climate (temperate); Fertile Farmland (wheat); Geography (grasslands, some rolling hills); Hunting/Game (deer); Pasture (cows & sheep)

Obstacles: holy site in decline (con artists & crime base increasing), population (growing mistrust of outsiders)

Adventure Seeds and Local News:
Servius Fuscus, like many towns in the area, is looking for groups to help protect the town. He is aware of the growing criminal element in town but at this point doesn’t feel that he has the necessary muscle to deal with it.

The owner of the The Minstrel and Tankard, Indimil, claims that her husband was an elven prince who he died searching for the lost home of Cynog the Fearless and Garnoc. Two near mythical figures who lived before the Empire invaded.

Recently Iggy Beroldus, after returning from Bibury, is looking for people to travel to Bibury as a place to live without the crime of Silus.

Hobgoblin warbands have been seen getting closer and closer to the city, worrying the local population.

There are some rumors that the half-orc mercenaries hired by Servius Fuscus aren’t fully what they appear to be and can’t be trusted with guarding the city.

For local populations, Celtic and Roman names.
For populations from other locations, open naming conventions based on race and location.


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