Release Brewery

Brewery owned by Tallulah, located in Promise.

A sign over the front door reads ‘Ullinshof’.

Bottles are plain glass or ceramic with a thick wax seal over the cork. The wax is imprinted with a symbol of Ullr, with an arrow fletching sticking out of the wax. ‘Release – Promise’ is hand painted on the side of the bottle.

Casks are branded with a large symbol of Ullr on the side – ‘Release’ appears above the symbol, ‘Promise’ wraps around the bottom. The bung is sealed in wax, again with fletching. Rumor has it that the fletching used on kegs is taken from actual kill-shots made by Tallulah. Release Brewery does not comment on the veracity of this rumor.

The Release Brewery currently supplies Promise and surrounding areas. It was also recently made available in the Cross-world Inn.

Currently, the brewery ships three ales.

Long Bow: Characterized by lots of hops, high residual sugar and high alcohol. Carbonation is low.

Short Bow: Characterized by minimal hops, minimal residual sugar and moderate alcohol. Carbonation is moderate.

Crossbow: Characterized by moderate hops, little residual sugar and very high alcohol. Carbonation is minimal. Same as Long Bow with extra fermentation period and fortified with grain liquor during kegging. Primarily marketed to Dwarves. Much to Tallulah’s and Carrach’s frustation, Crossbow is growing in popularity among goblin communities.

Tallulah is a largely absentee proprietor.



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