Local Deities

Local Deities

Here is a list of the local deities, this list is not complete and only contains, deities local to Cirencester. Please note that the Empire and the citizens of Cirencester worship the same gods and goddess, but call them by different names.

Arawn, god of life and death – NE – His symbol is a black star on gray background. Imperials understand him to be their goddess, Proserpina. The dual gender fits with their understanding of the dual nature of life and death.

Belenus, god of sun, light, and warmth – NG – His symbol is a solar disk and standing stones. The Empire called Belenus, Jupiter.

Diancecht, god of medicine and healing – LG – His symbol is a crossed oak and mistletoe branches. The Empire understood him as Asclepius.

Goibhniu, god of smiths and healing – NG – His symbol is a giant mallet over sword. The Empire had no understanding of Goibhniu in their pantheon.

Lugh, god of arts, travel and commerce – CN – His symbol is a pair of long hands. The Empire saw Lugh as their god Hermes.

Math Mathonwy, god of magic – NE – His symbol is a staff. For the Empire he is the goddess, Fortuna, which gives a glimpse of what they think of him.

Nuada, god of war and warriors – N – His symbol is a silver hand on a black background. He correlates to the Empire’s Heracles.

Oghma, god of speech and writing – NG – His symbol is an unfurled scroll. To the Imperials he is Apollo.

One True God, new god to the area, not much is known about this god, only that the followers are preaching freedom and safety in this times of trouble. They also believe that any magic not from their god is corrupt and should be destroyed.

Ullr, god of archery and skiing – CN - Ullr.jpg

Local Deities

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