Update: At this point things have changed in Cirencester. The One True God cult has taken over the mayor’s office and sent the Imperials running. The One True God group is now in power and their reign of terror over magic has begun.

Cirencester was a seat of power and trade while the Empire ruled the land. Now that the Empire has left, Cirencester finds itself as the sole beacon of light in the encroaching darkness. The regular trade wagons laden with goods from around the Empire have stopped. Trade still continues but it is much less frequent and carries with it bad news and local goods. The military presence of the Empire has also diminished. Gone are the days of garrisons of soldiers from around the Empire. Now all who are left are those who have ties with the land. Groups of adventurers and mercenaries are now seen keeping the peace more and more.

Cirencester is a different town than one which stood here only a few decades before. While at one time it was a hub of commerce and trade in the region. A place to come find the newest Empire fashions and technologies. It is now a place holding on in the darkness, where people are having to remember what life was like before the Empire and return to those ways or move forward on a new path.

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Everything found in this section is general information about the Cirencester. There is no information here which isn’t fairly common knowledge for characters. That said, many of the newer characters from different lands might know everything which is found here. Furthermore, this is heavily modified from a Greyhawk town fit into a world I have been playing around with for a while.


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