For centuries Catuvellaun had been peacefully under the Empire’s control. In the western section of this land, the stagnant bogs and slime-coated pools of the Witherslack Mosses occupy much of an otherwise fertile plain. To the north of the marsh, the dark recesses of the Great Forest cause even the most stalwart travelers to think twice before entering among the tall trunks and dangling tendrils of moss.

For centuries the Empire had patrolled the trade road through the Great Forest, but with the Empire gone the road has been reclaimed by the Great Forest and those who live there. This road connected the town of Circencester with the northern town of Ebora. The track cuts through a narrow finger of the forest, and traders now have to take great precautions against the marauding creatures there. Ogres and goblins have been reported, often in large and bloodthirsty bands, and only lucky or well-armed caravans can expect to make the journey in safety.

Bibury itself was founded centuries ago, and by some accounts even predates the occupation of the Empire. One of the first things the Empire did when they firmly controlled the area was to construct a temple to their goddess Ceres on the spot where the locals had a temple to their goddess Brigantia. The land here proved to be very rich, often producing crops half as large as those grown in more mundane soil. Bibury quickly grew into a thriving community of 300 people.

Occasionally, the farmers were harassed by bands of humanoids from the forest, or strange, scaly creatures from the swamp. These farmers were hardy folk, however, and were not intimidated by a few raids. Instead, with the help of a small detachment of Imperials, they organized a well-trained militia to meet the assaults of the monsters with cold steel. The humanoids soon learned that Bibury was a village best left alone.

Recent rumors and events have shown this might not be the case.



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