Ab's Axe

Abe’s Axe

A +1 Vampire Bane battleaxe that also oozes a strange liquid when attuned by a martial class – Rogue, Fighter, or Monk. Once per day, you can strike the ground to produce a tiny stream of holy water. After it is attuned to a character, that character can chose to have it take the form of a longsword, rapier, cleaver, or hand axe (Chad: I assume you meant hand axe, as it makes no sense for a battle axe to change into a battle axe. Plus, Monks do not have proficiency with battle axes. -Martin). In this form it is technically still a battle axe – keeping all the stats of a battle axe – just changing shape and size so that the character can use it with proficiency (and finesse if appropriate).

Battle Axe base stats
To Hit 1d20+Prof+Str+1
Damage 1d8+Str+1 (+1d6 against vampires)

The stream can be directed in a given direction but once made it doesn’t change course. The stream travels in that direction until it can’t go any farther or until the end of 2d6 rounds.

Ab's Axe

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