This is the continent which holds the known kingdoms of the Werwald and Arkoia.

History (as told by The Inquisition House)

The One True God religion was first documented in the town of Cirencester, which is in the middle of the desolate area between Arkoia and Takvoria. At the time the Empire ruled all of this land but it was starting to collapse under the weight of its own corruption. Threats from all around were whittling away at the defenses of the Empire, as was an internal struggle happening between Tieflings and Aasimar. As the Empire was retracting, numerous evil beings attempted to grab power in the vacuum. The One True God group was born out of this time. As a reaction to what was happening around them.
The actually specifics are unknown of its creation but overtime it took Cirencester and used Cirencester as its base of operations as it continued to grow and gain more support. Over time, the Empire had no choice but to deal with the issue of the One True God. It was clear early on that they were dealing with a power which was greater than just some religious fanatics. The Empire with the help of the elves was forced to confront the One True God group at Cirencester. The elves and the races of the Empire on one side and Pythys and the Accursed Legion on the other. After a long and deadly war something happened around Cirencester which caused an explosion which rocked the world.

In the aftermath, all that was left was the Desolate Area. An area which very few will enter. Further the war and the Final Battle took a huge toll on the amount of magic items in the world. The rumors are that before the Final Battle just about everyone had a magic item or two, but now there are far fewer. The Final Battle not only defeated The One True God, but it delivered the death blow to the Empire as well. The Empire couldn’t hold one and collapsed after it defeated the One True God

The One True God wasn’t defeated, however. They received a mortal wound which some believed had killed them, instead it had sent them underground. And they started to grow again. In the years, following the fall of the Empire in the Time of Many Nations, the One True God was able to stay hidden and unnoticed and it was allowed to grow. As the Time of Many Nations ended and the nations we know today started to form the One True God started to be noticed again. With the centralization of power and the troubles between Takvoria and Arkoia, the One True God start to gain the notice of both kingdoms which found the organization as a problem within their borders, as the views of the One True God didn’t follow with their own.

As the peace between Takvoria and Arkoia progressed and they started to work together more and more, the One True God became more of an issue. It was at this time that Takvoria and Arkoia decided to start the Inquisition House. Both kingdoms had some form of the Inquisition House before it became what it is today. In Arkoia The Inquisition House was a branch of the Order of the Eagle. Once Takvoria became involved the Inquisition House separated from the Order of the Eagle and started to move forward on its own.

Since its creation the Inquisition House has been sworn to the destruction of the One True God ever seen. It wasn’t long before the prison camps were created and more violent means of dealing with the One True God were being employed.


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