Creamala (Crom)

Sylph, Rogue- Arcane Trickster/Alcheimst - Bomber


A slightly shorter and very, very, thin man with pale skin, dark hair and violet eyes. If it is wasn’t for his vibrant eyes and unearthly thinness one might easily confuse him with a normal human.

Truly, if you forget your looking at him long enough he blends right into the background.

Some more astute observers, might notice that the wind never flows parallel to him but seemingly around him. Even if the air is completely still a slight breeze always seems to surround him.

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Updated to level 8 with no alchemy using rogue archetype Strategist
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Born in to a Ruling family near the center of the Empire. Creamalacrom (Crom)like many of his Race (Sylph) left home during his youth partly because he didn’t feel like he fit in (being born of two human parents) and partly because he had an unquenchable thirst for new knowledge and adventure. Wishing to separate himself from his family ties he moved to the fringes of the Empire setting in the Town of Cirencester at the age of 22. As a new resident of the town Crom found his life very difficult and end up turning to petty crime to support his comfortable life style he was use too and his eccentric interests. However, these crimes eventually reached the notice of the Imperial guard and the Grand Master of the Investigator’s Guild was sent out to track him down and put him into the stocks. However, once the Grand Master found him he recognized great skill in the buddying thief and offered him a chose. He would either Study at the Investigator’s guild or spend a year in the Stocks. He chose the former. Crom proved to be quite an exceptional student and quickly became a full time member of what was a thriving Investigator’s. However, after the decline of the empire in Cirencester the Guild quickly dwindled even losing the Grand Master himself. To the point that all the remained was Crom, 5 other senior members of the guild and a hand full of young students. The Guild was also struggling to pay its bills as they hadn’t had an investigation case in nearly a year. Until one night an Imperil Guard knock on the door of the Guild house. There was a case for 800 gp to investigate the small town of Bibury. The Guild member decided to all go to increase their chances of discovering what was going on. However, the trip turned out perilous for the party. Within few miles of Bibury they were attacked by a large band of Hobgoblins (17 in all). Knowing they were greatly outnumbered they group decided to make a run for it but the Hobgoblins were much faster than them. Crom barley escaped a deadly fate due to a quick hiding spot while the others ran on. The Hobgoblins past him and all he could hear of the screams of his brethren. After the rest of the day. Crom saw some smoke in along the skyline away from Bibury. Since Crom knew Bibury was likely a somewhat mystery at the moment he decided to go toward the smoke. He was aware of several Villas in the region and he figured that they would be a good place for him to rest up before returning and getting a new group to investigate Bibury. However, a chance encounter at the villa changed the path of his life forever.

Creamala (Crom)

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