Cainrin Dhelen

Elven Druid




I was born and raised in an elven community, and always had stray pets and a full garden. I was taught to read and write, and about the history of our world as any other middle-class type citizen would be. Many members of my family have become scholars and tend to the library in my home town, and it was expected that I follow in this line of work or something similar. I never felt that I could stay in one place for the rest of my life. My family didn’t understand my need to roam, but at that point I was an adult and they couldn’t do much to keep me back. We parted on bad terms, and I hope to someday return and make things right. I wandered, and a wolf became my animal companion as I blossomed into a full druid under tutelage of my mentor. Then we got involved in the war against the Empire. After seeing so much death, I left when my group dissipated at the end of the war against the Empire, and wandered more until I found my current group of people (our D&D party).

Cainrin Dhelen

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