Scoláire's Field Journal

Scoláire’s Field Journal

Date Unknown, one days since last entry
After a much needed stop to the local tavern we continued on to the floating castle. There we met some kobolds of the Coce Coce Tribe. Later a fight with another half-dragon, it was too bad that we had to kill her. I would have very much liked to talk with her or at the least examine her body but it dissipated into dust.

Date Unknown, two days since last entry
The hunting lodge we found holds a number of interesting dragon and dragon cult related materials. There are a number of tapestries throughout the lodge which depict various dragons. The only one I recognized was one of Tiamat which we looted of its embedded gems. Further, I am now in the possession of “Dragongleam” a magical spear which appears to cast some kind of daylight spell. I will have to find some time to study the spear further and find out more information about it when I get back to Silvermoon.

I have also meet Talis, a high ranking member of the cultist. I have set up a deal with her in order to get myself a place with the group. This will be advantageous both from a studying point of view and a disrupting their goals point of view.

Finally, I was able to locate four books of dragon and kobold lore, which I have in my possession. The Dragon’s Pillar, The Old Kobold, The Argument of the Kobold, and The Air of the Tyranny. I didn’t recognize the authors but I am sure they will prove to be invaluable in furthering my own research.

Date Unknown, we have been traveling
Encountered an oppressed group of lizard folk. We were able to help them get free and they were able to help us with the dragon cult. Of note, is that I was able to quickly and easily get them to believe in a new myth of a furred messiah who had come to save them all. These lizard folk weren’t particularly stupid, so their quick acceptance of myth shows they were ready for such a thing. There are numerous implications here. The most striking and on which I had knew but never seen is that a good story told charismatically to a group of people in need of that story has as much power as any spell of weapon. This is similar to what I have seen in kobold society as well. People want something they can believe in, maybe even something which makes them feel special. When I return to Silverymoon I must remember to examine the books on cults and charismatic leaders.

3 Eleint 131 PR
Dragons like to have treasure hordes but the one in which the cultists are currently moving is bigger than what anyone dragon might want or need to be appeased.

1 Elesias 131 PR
Having meet with the Order of the Gauntlet and other members of the Harpers, we have learned that more and more dragons are joining our cause against the Cult of the Dragon.

24 Flamrule 131 PR
I left the drake egg in a mysterious inn, known as the Cross World Inn. I wish I had more time to explore the inn but I was unable to.

23 Flamrule 131 PR

Discovered three black dragon eggs, each about 3’ tall, weighing about 150lb. Was able to harvest the egg of one and some bone from another. They were about a week from hatching. Attempted to save one for later but wasn’t able to transport it and destroyed it. I was able to harvest the heart.

The room in which we found contained a dragon altar to Tiamat and numerous carvings depicting dragons. Interestingly the mouth and nose of the Tiamat was holes in which poison escaped.

Fought against a half black dragon and a half blue dragon, both used greatswords. I was able to harvest a finger of the half blue dragon for future study.

Found three drake eggs.

Saw an orb of dragon breath (lightning) – a power which one of the cultist used against us.

22 Flamerule 131 PR

More drakes found and one was even captured. We will try to win it over to our side, but it wouldn’t be easy.

Attempted to domesticate a drake with food — it seemed to understand me but then it wouldn’t calm down — finally let it go

Discovered another half-dragon named Rezmir — This one is black, but I haven’t had a chance to view it

Heard tale of a hatchery in the back of the cultist encampment

Met Taylynn N’narva, a half-elf, who is the humanoid form of an ancient silver dragon named Brag-Taylynn-D’vigmaw Taolo-N’narvagrik
– wing span ~50’
– rode on the back of the dragon
– claims to have extradimensional seeing
– 1000s of years old
– Vic Maw – Dagger Mouth
– will allow me to interview it at another time
– information from him about dragons
– dragons use treasure to nest in
– hatchery for hatching more dragons
– can’t hatch an undead dragon

Tiamat – in a circle of hell – her goal is to get out

Dragon scholar(?) monk, Leosin, in Greenest

21 Flamerule 131 PR

Encountered a rather odd group of people today, but they seem like good folk, with one exception. I’ll have to keep on extra eye on her to figure out what is going on.

The new group has a gnome with them and I was surprised when we encountered kobolds that they didn’t instantly go into a blood rage.

Was able to save a Copper Wyrmling and get some information about cultist, but not much.

Huge blue dragon – the liquid lightning was more beautiful than I had imagined, even despite that as it was killing other humans.

The blue dragon’s name was Lennithon. The party I have started to travel with almost killed it, which would have been a mixed blessing. On one hand, it would be too bad to have killed such an amazing creature and on the other it would have been amazing to get such a close view of a dragon’s inside so freshly killed.

I got to see to first hand a half-dragon. I had read about them but never seen one. This one, named Cyanwrath, challenged those of us in the keep of Greenest to send out a hero to fight in single combat. It appeared as if he only wanted to do it to show off. Is this a trait of half-dragons? He was blue like Lennithon and fired a lighting breath weapon at the pale woman who went out to fight him.

Scoláire's Field Journal

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