Tallulah comes from a barbaric tribe north of The Great Forest. As a child, her family sent her to a small monastery outside of Cirencester as part of a peace treaty ending a small war with the empire. She was training as a Zen Archer to someday be sent to an opposite corner of the empire to maintain order. The monastery disbanded when imperial support ended.

Tallulah first returned home and tried to re-integrate into her old tribe. She received blue facial tattoos as part of a passage to adult hood. However, she no longer fit in with her family clan. Her monastic upbringing instilled a sense of order and serenity that clashed with the reckless violence and drinking of life in a barbarian tribe. She especially missed books and reading magical texts (something she showed a natural aptitude for). Seeking something different she traveled to Cirencester.

Her savage appearance and obvious accent meant she was not readily excepted into polite society. She got a job as a brewer in The Root Cellar, having learned the art of brewing while at the monastery. She met one, or more, of the other PCs at the The Root Cellar. She spends most of her time absorbed in the task of brewing. She is noted by the tavern’s patrons as highly intolerant of ass-slapping and other misogyny. Her unarmed prowess has meant more than few bad nights for tavern drunkards. She is especially retributive towards anyone who mistreats Reb, the tavern dog.

The Party: She (DM feel free to alter this) first caught the attention of Rongler when he visited The Root Cellar. A couple of drunken brutes were harassing Tallulah. As the scuffle intensified the tavern clientele spontaneously shifted attention to the fight. Rongler at first wondered why no one helped the barmaid. Then he saw the grin on the proprietor’s face and knew something was up. The simple barmaid proceeded to wipe the floor with two brutes using nothing but her hands and knees. Rongler introduced a reluctant Tallulah to the party. She showed little interest until meeting Cainrin. Tallulah seemed to take an interest liking the Elf Druid. Her subsequent integration with the party was centered around a friendship with Cainrin. She has little feelings for the other party members. She respects them, but isn’t too talkative. She does seem to dislike Erazu though.

Psychology: Tallulah is usually calm, quiet and very soft-spoken. She shies away from meeting new people and exposing herself to ridicule from her social ‘betters’. This introverted personae is occasionally broken by unexpected outbursts of raw emotion. She rarely drinks to excess, but sometimes falls into unbelievable binders of drunken debauchery. She also has a heightened, even black-and-white, sense of justice. Somethings, seemingly random at times, offend her concrete sense of right-and-wrong. When that happens…whoa…watch out! She responds with a primal rage all out of character with her normal demeanor. <feel>

Adventuring: Tallulah comes across as smarter than she probably is. Her high wisdom and charisma means she is quick to gauge the party consensus. She reflexively advocates for the popular opinion. Although initially eager and willing to engage in extended discussions of strategy and theory, she is a ‘doer’ at heart and will eventually get bored with any extended dialogue.

In the field, Tallulah is obsessed with keeping clean and dry. Even when the nights are warm, she seems afraid of getting wet – even a little sweaty. Of course, when it really gets cold she’s the only one who doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, her mood seems to improve as the temperature drops.


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