Ronglar left the party when meeting up with Goreblade. He decided that helping Goreblade would help him to figure out who he was and allow him to help others of his race.


No one knows where he came from. No one knows his true name. Even he doesn’t know his true name…all he is knows is rage and ale in equal measure.

Ronglar the Dwarf, a roaming barbarian who was discovered in the wilderness with no memory of who he was. Some think he suffered one too many blows to the head, others think his near perpetual state of intoxication erased his memories. Or, perhaps he simply raged too hard.

In the early days, he wandered around the wilds stealing ale (preferably Dwarven), getting drunk, and picking fights with anyone who got too close to him. Eventually, people learned to avoid his haunting grounds, forcing him to venture into towns to quench his thirst.

My ideas for him now is that at some point he met the party or someone specifically from the party and they either: promised to and/or started helping him recover his memories, discover his past, or otherwise helped acclimate him to living in society and holding down a job (even if it’s just adventuring work). So he is somewhat on the road to recovery and becoming a tad more civilized / less crazy, but is still a grouchy, rage-fueled hermit at heart.


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