Leader of the Boudica's Guard


Level 4, fighter with 50 men at his command.

Boudica’s Guard

Size: Small (50)
Type: Fighter 2
HP: 3
ACR: 1/2
Speed: 16 miles
Morale: 0
Consumption: 1
DV: 23
OM: -1
Tactics: Standard – No modifiers
Withdraw – attempts to escape
Defensive Wall – OM -2 and DV +2
Taunt – opponent makes Moral check (DC 10); fail -2 OM and DV; 2 succeeds immune
Special: Brave – Morale +1
Commander: Paulinus (Lv 4, fighter)
CHA Mod: +1
Prof (Soldier): +1
Leadership: 5
Bonus: Loyalty +2 Moral checks
Defensive +2 DV


Leader of the Imperial Guard housed at Boudica’s Villa. He is fiercely loyal to Boudica and her family because of familial connections.

Paulinus left the area with Boudica on their way back towards the heart of the Empire.


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