Madam Issabella

NPC. Ghost Fortune teller

Madam Issabella

She is a very insightful, if not completely all-knowing, fortune teller.

She travels with a 4 guard entourage in her perpetual Journey to meet her husband Count Vale. In life she ran away from her husband after he started to slowly turn bitter and then evil and jealous over her. Upon her escape he had his guard track her down and fetch her for him. However, the guards and Madam Issabella died on the journey back to the castle.

Upon her death and the subsequent undeath of her husband she was imprisoned in a loop constantly going to her husband. On her Journey she constantly runs into the same group of adventures, sometimes 9 sometime less, but always the same characters. Through this process of 100’s of encounter she has learned to know the characters well and can even recite secrets that they haven’t even shared with their allies yet. However, every encounter seem to end the same. The characters die and she meets a new set of the same characters next time. She is often confused on whether she is meeting the same group or the next, as time has blinded everything together for her.

Her only wish is to be free from her own prison but she has long since accepted her fate in the hands of the dark one. (Lacey)


Madam Issabella

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