Lady Gevanna Van Vale

Lady Gevanna Van Vale

Player’s personality notes

Gevanna doesn’t know she is a dhampire she doesn’t even know what that means. She believes that she is the evolution of the vampire race. She doesn’t know that she has another father and this could be a key role in future events.


The Daughter of Madam Isabella Van Vale and an unknown suitor.

Madam Isabella ran from her husband after he became mad due to his transformation into a vampire.

She successfully avoided the Counts best trackers for five years however, when she got pregnant she couldn’t move around as quickly as she use too.

The Trackers finally caught up to her and Vale ordered them to bring his wife home.

However, on the trip the house and carriage crashed and fell off an embankment killing Madam Isabella and her trackers instantaneously.

After Vale heard this he rushed the the crash site to try and save his beloved wife. He attempted the vampire transformation ritual that he had used to transform himself but to no hope. However here stomach did start to move and not knowing what was going on he brought her home to be entombed with his family.

Four days latter he returned to the crypt and Madam Isabella corps was gone, the only thing left was a baby Girl. Setting almost perfectly still and not crying, on a table full of dried blood.

Vale chose to raise the child as his own daughter to one day take his place as the ruler of Goustomica.

However, Vales deeds became darker and more destructive, to the point where he even raised his dead parents as mummies.

His parents in horror plead with there Gods to stop the monster there Son had become. This is when The Castle was transported the Shadow plane as an eternal prison for Vale and his whole house hold.

Gevanna was 5 years old when this happened therefore she never new I life outside the shadows.

When she was 20 her grandparents told here about here mother and gave her a music box they played for her as a child. The hunting voice coming from the box, is her mother’s, but she still doesn’t know this.

After finding out about her mother death at the hands of her evil father she challenged him to a dual to the death. A challenge that she believes ended in a draw. Every ten years this fight were happen over and over gain. Every time she became stronger and more able to match her father. She believed that the in five years the 100th battle would mark her final victory and freedom form this land of shadows.

However, that plane was cut short after a group of petty adventures (who had flailed thousands of times before) got lucky and killed Vale before she got her vengeance.

With no purpose left here she decided to go with the group and find new foes worthy of her blade.

She will never stop and never die until she becomes a legend surpassing even the horror of her father. Good and Evil it doesn’t matter all the matter is that she becomes great. The most evolved vampire to every walk the planes.

Lady Gevanna Van Vale

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