Dotan (Blossom) Shadecharm

A tall man with long, light brown hair sits and stares off into the trees with a stupid grin on his face.



Languages:Common Undercommon and Goblin


Birth: His father is Paladin Odric Darkeyes. His mother is Necromancer Vire Shadecharm. These two had battled each other for years. Neither ever being able to finish each other off. Their last encounter had lasted an hour when both were attacked by kobolds thinking that their weakened state would be best for easy prey. Both battled the kobolds with what life they had left while a storm raged down on them. Victorious but broken, both sought shelter in a cave nearby. There, passion overwhelmed the two.

Months later, Odric received a message of truce from Vire. He met with her to learn that he was going to be a father. The verbal sparing was as harsh as the battles they had with sword and spell, but they hammered out a pact. They would cease their hostilities between each other for the child and they would find a group of people to raise the child.

After their son was born on the new year day, they brought him to a group of people called The Commune. They were a group of mixed races that worked together around a giant tree they called ‘The One’. Humans, elves, orcs, goblins, ogres, dwarves and everything in between. They were the outcasts of their people that came together to better their lives.

The elder came to accept the child from Odric and Vire and only asked for his name. “Dotan Darkeyes.” said his father. “What!? you don’t get to name him! I birthed him! You sat there like a bump on a log and did nothing while I was in pain! You did nothing but seduce me after those damn kobolds!” replied Vire.

Odric leaned over Vire. “Dotan is his grandfather’s name! It’s a good name! Shall we name him after one of your family members? Oh! Wait! You dropped your birth name after your family cast you out for necromancy! You returned the favor by burning down the village!” Odric screamed.

“Why you pestilent…” Vire began but the elder held up his hand. “Dotan… Shadecharm. That is a good name for him. This is what he shall be know outside of this community. Here, he shall be know as… Blossom.” The elder smiled and carried the child to his new home.

Stunned by the announcement, Dotan’s parents left.

Childhood: Dotan was a happy child learning about the commune’s way of looking at life. Try and get along was the motto. His best friend was Sbogt the goblin. They were inseparable.

He learned survival skills and working with the quarterstaff and spear. And drum circles. So many drum circles.

He would visit with his mom at the end of summer and beginning of spring. He showed the undead that his mother had with love and care. By the end of each visit, each had a crown of dead flowers on their heads.

He would visit his dad at the beginning of summer and the end of fall. There he would sleep through the church’s sermons much to the chagrin of his father. The practice yard though, he showed promise much to his father’s pride.

Adulthood: The oath that his father took always fascinated him. Not the exact oath but the idea of someone’s word is their power. Dotan wanted to make an oath, not to his father’s god or to any god for that manner. He wanted to make an oath to the ideas of The Commune. The idea that everyone can find light in their heart no matter who or what they are. Joy, music and laughter. He wanted to protect those who would work towards this path.

Today: He took his oath on his 19th birthday. Shortly after his 22nd, he ended up somewhere he never expected to be…

Dotan (Blossom) Shadecharm

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