Dirk joined the party for a short time, his ultimate motives were unclear but his love of treasure wasn’t. He traveled to Bibury with the party and back and then disappeared as quickly as he showed up.

Character Sheet info:

Ability Scores:
STR:10 +0
DEX:19 +4
CON:16: +3
INT:8 -1
WIS:13 +1
CHA:7 -2


Speed 30ft.

Initiative: 4(Dex Mod)

AC 16= 10 + 2(AC Bonus) + 4(Dex Mod)

Fortitude: 4=1(Base Save + 3(Ability Mod)
Reflex: 7= 3(Base Save) + 4(Ability Mod)
Will: 2= 1(Base Save) + 1(Ability Mod)

Base Attack: +2
CMB: 2
CMD: 2 + 4(Dex Mod)

Daggerx2: Type P or S, Range 10ft, Damage 1d4, Critical 19-20 x2
Brass Knuckles: Type B, Damage 1d3, Critical x2

Acrobatics: 10
Appraise: 2
Bluff: 1
Craft: 2
Diplomacy: 1
Disable Device: 10
Disguise: 3
Escape Artist: 9
Knowledge(Dungeoneering): 2
Knowledge(Local): 3
Linguistics: 2
Perception: 7
Perform: 1
Profession: 4
Sense Motive: 5
Sleight of Hand: 10
Stealth: 10
Swim: 3
Use Magic Device: 1

Two Weapon Fighting
Weapon Finesse: Dagger
Weapon Focus: Dagger

Special Abilities:
Sneak Attack +2d6
Trap Finding
Trap Sense +1

Half Tent – 10lbs
Leather Armor – 15lbs
Dagger x 2- 2lbs
Brass Knuckles- 1 lbs
Silk Rope(50ft)- 5lbs

Light load: 33lb, Medium load: 66lbs, Heavy Load 100lbs
Lift over Head- 100lbs, Lift off Ground- 200lbs, Drag or Push- 500lbs

Money- 570gp


Dirk was born in Cirencester to a well-off family. He enjoyed a wholesome childhood until the age of seven when his parents disappeared and he was forced into a local orphanage. He hated it there; rules and Dirk do not go hand in hand. Without the wholesome love and attention of his parents, Dirk took a liking causing mischief with his orphan cohorts. He quickly learned he had a knack for getting into situations and places a young boy should never be, and that he was good at getting out of them (much to the chagrin of his troublesome peers who took the fall time and time again).
Dirk is now 27 and has spent the the past decades slowly trying to pry information out of his hometown with the goal of tracking down his parents, if they are still alive. Working for the thieves guild in different facets for half his life now, Dirk has found himself, now, closer than ever to the answers he seeks.


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