Corowa Kana

Drow - Bard/Rogue - Assassin

Corowa Kana

Drow Bard 4/Rogue 4

Armor Class 16
Hit Points 43/43
Intiative +4
Speed 30 ft.
Alignment: CN
Background: Soldier

Abilities Str 11, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 18

Saving Throws Dexterity +8, Charisma +8
Skills Athletics +3, Insight +6, Intimidation +6, Investigation +7, Perception +9, Stealth +10
Senses passive Perception 19

Equipment: Rapier +1, Longbow, Leather Armor, 40 Arrows, Mess kit, Tinderbox, 10 Rations (1 day), Waterskin, Hempen rope (50 feet), Thieves’ tools, Dice set, Component pouch, Drow Officer Ring, 150 Gold (gp), Imperial Long-Range Patrol Haversack, Tear Of Diancecht, Maintance Belt, Cross World Inn Key

Cantrips – Dancing Lights (racial), Friends, True Strike, Vicious Mockery
1st – Animal Friendship, Disguise Self, Dissonant Whispers, Faerie Fire (racial 1/day), Healing Word
2nd – Calm Emotions, Enhance Ability, Darkness (racial 1/day), Detect Thoughts

Drow Traits: Drow Magic, Drow Weapon Training, Fey Ancestry, Languages, Sunlight Sensitivity, Superior Darkvision, Trance

Bard Features: Bardic Inspiration, Combat Inspiration, Song of Rest, Armor Prof, Bonus Proficiencies, Weapon Prof, Tool Prof, Jack of all Trades, Expertise, Ability Increase

Rogue Features: Sneak Attack, Assassinate, Cunning Action, Tools, Expertise, Favored Locale: Government, Bonus Proficiencies, Weapon Prof, Armor Prof

Langauges: Common, Elvish


Corowa was last seen in Greenest in the Forgotten Realms. When the part of the party she was with entered the keep at Greenest, she didn’t. Instead she was given information about a nearby passage to the Underdark, which she instantly sought out.


What social class was her family? How did she feel about that? Her family where not of a high social class and lived so far from the center of power that they were highly looked down upon. She hated being an outsider both to her own people and to surface dwellers.

What does she think about her family? She knows that her family did what they thought was best for her, even if she didn’t continue on the path they placed in front of her.

What did her family do for a living? Her family are farmers and traders.

What kind of parents/guardians did she have? Were there any special traditions or rules? She had hard working parents who wanted to best for their children.

Was her upbringing traditional, progressive or fringe compared to their community? It was traditional given where they lived, but it was where they lived which lead to their family being seen as fringe by others in their society.

What kind of education did she receive? She was educated initially at home, but once of age she was sent to a draw military school. There she showed great promise with the bow and leadership.

Her Past

Where did she live? For drows, her family spent a large amount of time interacting with surface dwellers. They lived on the fringe of drow society growing mushrooms and trading them with both other drow and surface dwellers.

What is the hardest thing she ever had to do? How did it affect her? The hardest thing that she ever had to do was leave the underworld. When she left she embraced the emotional and mental walls she developed at the military school, closing herself off to those around her and hardening her.

What is the best moment of her life so far? Worst? How did that affect her? The best moment her life was when she connected with Gwynn and the worse was when he died fighting against a naga. She has retreated further into herself and keeps herself on the outside of the group. She does realize that she needs the group but at this moment doesn’t feel that she is connected to them.

Motivations and Ambitions

What does she want most of all? What is she willing to do to obtain that? After the death of Gwynn, Corowa doesn’t really have a plan. Right now she feels like a feather floating in the wind. For the most part she is looking for ways to distract herself from the thought of Gwynn’s death. For now, she is open to the what the world presents her.

Habits and Quirks

Any notable quirks, ticks, or habits (think of at least 1 for each)? She doesn’t have any real quirks and ticks, but as for habits, she has the habit of meticulously packing her bag and belongings. She doesn’t like when her possessions get messing and prefers to know where everything is.


What does she fear (think of 1 fear or justify no fears)? What is she willing to do to avoid that? There isn’t much that she fears. She doesn’t trust easily and finds it even more difficult now that Gwynn is dead.


How does she feel about the current status quo in the world? Corowa believes that people strive and toil but it is all for not. But at the same time she believes that all they have is toil and that never changes so life then becomes a slow progression to the grave for her.

What does she hate most of all? Why? Corowa hates when the strong pray on the weak. It was a feature within her own society which she abhorred. She prefers match-ups between equals but she is realistic about this not being the case in the world and that often the stronger take advantage of the weaker. She attempts, as much as possible, to be aware of being the weaker and not falling into the urge to be the stronger.

What does she think of sacred places (crypts, shrines, temples, etc)? She has respect for sacred places and that is it.

How does she feel about: government in general? The Empire? The Drow? For the most part, she doesn’t have many feelings about the government. She worked with the Empire when she could and even the mayor’s office of Cirencester. She has different feelings about the drow and finds their society to be full of flaws.

How does she feel about religion? Does she respect foreign customs? She has respect for religion but is not religious herself. As for foreign customs, again respect for other customs.

What does she think of: Superiors? Authority figures? Laws? Groups? People in General? She often does trust superiors and authority figures and often times finds ways to work around them when they get in her way. She is fine with groups and will work within them when they suit her needs but will also work against them if they are at odds with her. She has very similar feelings with people in general. She doesn’t really trust people and prefers to keep them at arms length. She will work with them as needed and against them if that is what is needed.

Is she introverted (quiet and reflective) or extroverted (loud and opinionated)? She is introverted but also a leader. She is generally quiet and reflective, but when it comes to matters of business or importance then she is quick to ask questions and share her thoughts.

Is she independent or group oriented? Overall, she is independent, but she has a very practical understanding of groups. Realizing that for her to survive in the world she needs to work with others.

Does she take orders well? When the orders come from someone she respects (read someone who leaves her alone to do what she wishes) she takes the orders well, but when the orders come from someone she has a low opinion of then she bristles at being given orders.

Can she put aside her desires/ideals for others? It really depends on the desires/ideals and the others. This is a depends situation but she is capable of doing it.

Does she feel like others are trying to use her for their own advantage? She often feels that others are trying to use her for their own advantage and is on a constant look out for the issue.

Does she view animals as better companions than people? Not necessarily, but she is open.

What does she think of other races? (For each race answer why they think this way.) Could she cooperate with them? Given her own racial situation she is open to races until they show her otherwise.

“I pledge allegiance too .…” There isn’t much to pledge allegiance to anymore.

“The last thing in the world I’d want is….” To feel different than my kind.

“I’ll rest easy when….” Rest is not possible. It is an illusion.


What is her views on killing? Killing is necessary but she doesn’t do it for sport or fun.

Has she killed before? Who was the first person she killed? How and why? She has killed a number of people before. The first person she killed was a drow traitor who was attempting to stir up trouble on the edges of the kingdom. She and a small coterie of soldiers where sent to investigate and eliminate the traitor. After locating the traitor and surprising her, Corowa capture the traitor and then under orders she killed the traitor with her long sword. This kill has stayed with her.

How easily is she angered? She isn’t very easily angered and in fact is often called cold and distant.

Is she vindictive? She isn’t vindictive and doesn’t hold a grudge but she will look for ways to get someone back if those ways should happen to show up.

Can she control her passions or is she self-indulgent? She is fairly monastic in her lifestyle. Moderation is a key ingredient to her life.

What weapons are she familiar with? How did she learn to use them? She is the most familiar with the bow which she learned to use from a very young age.

What role does honor play in combat? She attempts to act honorable until combat begins. But once combat has begun she will fight as she needs to to when.

Does she have any creeds, standards, or codes she are compelled to follow? She doesn’t have any creeds, standards, or codes which she feels compelled to follow.

Will she use force to take what she wants? If so, even if it belongs to someone who hasn’t wronged her? This really depends on the situation. Who is the person and what is the thing which she wants. She will not go around killing people just for their things but if she needs to protect herself or those around her then she will use force to protect them. She will not always avoid force or theft but she doesn’t do it without a good reason.

Is torture acceptable? She will avoid torture whenever possible. For her torture doesn’t get information which is trustworthy and therefore she doesn’t feel that it is useful in dealing with the enemy or gathering information.

Is mind control/possession acceptable? She bristles at the idea of controlling others or being control by someone else.

Is pillaging acceptable? There is no need to pillage. Pillaging is attacking people whom have nothing to do with the control or pain of their superiors.

Are poisons an acceptable tool? As a drow she is very familiar with poisons and their use and she really has no problem with their use. She finds them a resource to be used that others should be ready for and not an underhanded way to deal with others.

Would she accept an opponent’s yield? If yes, even one from a dishonorable opponent? She would accept an opponent’s yield, even from a dishonorable one. But what she would do with an opponent after that yield might not be considered the nicest or friendliest.

Would she kill someone defenseless? If no, even if directly ordered by a god/superior? She might kill a defenseless person. Again, she has a fairly pragmatic view of life and the world and would kill a defenseless person if that was what was needed in the situation presented to her.

What environments are she most comfortable fighting in? Between her time as a warlord and her time as a bounty hunter, she has grown accustomed to fighting in a number of different environments. She does have little to no experience fighting on the open seas.

Has she had any training/experience fighting undead, werewolves, or anything of that nature? She has limited experience fighting such creatures, most of her experience comes from rounding up “criminals” for the mayor of Cirencester.

Does she have a most hated foe (specific individuals, groups, races, undead, etc)? None at this time.

Mage Questions

Does she have an interest in the pursuit of knowledge? If so, how far will she go for that pursuit? She is curious about the world but her pursuit of knowledge isn’t strong and doesn’t lead her to do questionable things.

Books are good for…. Some people but hold little interest to her.

Physical weapons are…. Crucial in the world we live in.

I learn by…. She learns best by doing.

Extremely quiet “guard” working for the mayor’s office to keep an eye on the party while they get evidence in Bibury. She almost always wears a hood and doesn’t really let any part of her skin show.

Corowa Kana

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