Carrach Marwolaeth

Intelligent Bow - Bent on Goblin Death

Carrach Marwolaeth

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This exceptionally-carved longbow appears, at first glance to be a simple, yet extremely well-crafted longbow. Upon closer examination one notices that the entire bow is carved with faint images of hobgoblins and goblins being killed by arrows.

Aura strong conjuration and divination (DC 21 Knowledge [arcana]); Identify DC 28 Spellcraft; CL 15th

Knowledge (arcana or history) DC15 Carrach Marwolaeth is a legendary weapon created before the Empire to fight against goblins.
Knowledge (arcana or history) DC20 Carrach Marwolaeth was created for Cynog the Fearless by Gamoc over 600 years ago.
Knowledge (arcana or history) DC25 Carrach Marwolaeth was used by Cynog the Fearless throughout his life and is said to have been a close personal friend of the famous warrior. After Cynog’s death the exact whereabouts of the bow was lost but it is noted to have come up from time to time. It is said that Carrach is bent on the destruction of goblinoids and depicts scenes of its victories against them.
Knowledge (arcana or history) DC30 Carrach Marwolaeth is an intelligent relic which was created to kill goblinoids. It has powers which aid it in locating goblinoids and destroying them. It is not the most powerful weapon but in the right hands at the right time, it is extremely dangerous to goblinoids.

Carrach Marwolaeth has the following stats.

Name Carrach Marwolaeth Base Item Longbow
Creator Gamoc Owner Tallaluh
Special MaterialMarket Value 40,000
Weight 3lb Alignment NG
Languages Common, Elvish CL 15th

INT 16/3 Fort +5
WIS 14/
2 Reflex
CHA 10/+0 Will +7

Ego 16

Special Purpose Slay all goblinoids
Special Purpose Power Can detect goblinoids within 60’

Vs. All — 1, 1d81, P, x3
Vs. Goblinoids — 3, 1d82d6, P, x3
5e: If Goblins are within visible range of the bow, the wielder has advantage on initiative rolls.

Senses 60’
Cast Locate Creature 1/day – radius 1000’, 250 minutes duration

Knowledge (History) +10

- Created 600 years ago by Gamoc for Cynog the Fearless.
- Cynog had the bow for about 20 years.
- Cynog died but not much is known about his death — the bow was lost for a long time. (Cynic died adventuring and the bow was lost with his body. Sitting there beside the body as it decomposed. There was nothing the bow could do and it almost lost his mind. Finally after what seemed forever it was found by Burkin.)
- Carrach comes back into the record after 200 years in the hands of Burkin.
- Burkin passed Carrach to his son who never used the bow, but considered the bow a close personal advisor.
- The elves of the Great Forest came to Burkin’s son, Dilam, and asked for Carrach to help in their fight against the encroaching goblinoid threat.
- Carrach then spent many happy years working with the elves and ended up staying with the elves to be passed down from one lord to the next.
- Most recently the lord who owner Carrach, Pelathon was ambushed and killed and Carrach was brought to the lair of the naga.
- Periodically, he was interrogated about his past. His interrogators where very interested in his creator and original owner. He thinks they were looking for their long-lost home. They also asked him information about the area, towns, races, and other such pieces of information.


Carrach Marwolaeth

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