Boudicca Vindicis

Owner of the Vindicis Villa

Boudicca Vindicis

Bright and charismatic, Boudica has attempted to hold onto her grandfather’s villa for as long as possible, but the hobgoblin raids have only gotten worse and moral is low. She has decided to move back to heart of the Empire and give up the villa.

She has surrounded herself with servants and guards who are fiercely loyal to her and her family.

She has 4 children, between the ages of 5-12 and two younger sisters, their husbands and another 8 children staying at the villa when she decided to leave. Further, she has 60 servants who have served and worked from the family.

Boudica’s grandfather was given the land in which the villa rests after his service in the military.

Boudica was last seen leaving Silus for the heart of the Empire with her family, servants, and guards.

Boudicca Vindicis

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