Warforged Artificer


During a fight with hobgoblins, while he and the party where protecting a group escaping from those hobgoblins, Blackaxe took enough damage to stop him from continuing. In their rush to escape other hobgoblins, Blackaxe was left behind.


I am a newly constructed warforged that was the final work of a once great Elven Artificer. The old artificer knowing he was on his death bed designed a living construct with the most premium resources and designed him in a way that it could self-repair. Upon his death The Artificer ask Blackaxe to go and protect Artificers Grandson (Cainrin Dhelen) as he had wondered away form the family sometimes ago. Blackaxe is fully automatous and free willed. His only loyalty is to the creator who is now dead and fallowing his last request.

The great Artificer Dr. Dhelen in his youth found an ancient tomb called “The tomb of life” and became a librarian by day to farther study the dead language of the tomb. About two years before his death he finally deciphered mysterious script that told how to make the a Adamantine Protector that the tomb called a warforged.

He spent the last two years of his life perfecting his Artificer Skills until the day he successfully brought life to the new creature. He named him Blackaxe after his Black Adamantine skin and the battleaxe forged in his right hand. A few weeks later the Artificer was on his death bed. He decided at this time he needed to use his life work to protect his grandson. The only member of his family that didn’t fallow his path with library studies.

Blackaxe left the creator and pursuit of Cainrin. Only knowing the city at which he could find him. After finding the group Blackaxe intimidated himself into the ranks. To this day not even Cainrin truly knows what he is or who created him. All he would say is that he was honor bond to protect the band of mist bits.

Blackaxe is strange to most as he is the fist of his kind in over a million years all of the warforged’s of the past have died and he is alone in the world. Most assume he is a galom or they have know Idea what he is. His construction is similar enough to other known constructs that he can get some repair help form others that know construct construction however, is truly one of a kind the only warforged know in existence.

Blackaxe is quirking and immature (not teenage immature more like two year old immature) He don’t share, he stumps his feet when he gets mad, he attempts to pout he can’t physically cry but he acts in out and throws temper tantrum, he can be very self absorbed. However, he is highly intelligent and very technical minded. He is quite sensitive about not having a soul and will act out in violence to anyone brings it up. He only know common and due to his construction limitation is unable to effectively learn any other languages despite his intelligence. He has however, learn a type of cryptic code based in common form the creator that he uses when wright down experiments.


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