Lacey Queen of the Dark

NPC Demi Deity. Only divine power in the demi plane.

Lacey Queen of the Dark

Also known as The Dark One, ruler of all shadows, she is one of several Dark Deities that divided the demi planes of the Shadow Plane into small prisons to imprison the worst of the worst monster the material plane has ever seen and then play games with them and random adventures at her behest.

These Dark Deities have a pact with the other Gods that they will not involve themselves in the affairs of the material planes if the Gods don’t involve themselves in their business.

Lacey was fine with just sending random prey for her pet to feed on until he stole one of her power stones to increase his own powers. Now bounded by the the rules of the demi planes she is unable to slay him. However, his prey keeps getting stronger and stronger and one day he will pay for his treachery.


Lacey Queen of the Dark

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